Chief Executive Officer 


Welcome to the Hattiesburg Writing Institute!

I am a full-time writer, Therapeutic Writing Institute student, journal and creative writing workshop facilitator, and CEO of my startup company, Hattiesburg Writing Institute LLC. I am also in the process of editing my first novel, and building an author platform. 

Over the past ten years, I taught English at the primary, secondary, and collegiate level, technical and creative writing. As a Childcare Provider, I taught preschool age children reading and primary writing skills. As a substitute teacher, I taught second grade reading and writing skills at Lee Hall Elementary, high school English at Enterprise Academy, and Columbia High. At the college level, I tutored ESL, Regents, and first year college students at Armstrong Atlantic State University. Within WinC, the Writer’s in Community Program at Old Dominion University, I taught creative writing techniques in a classroom and workshop setting. In grad school, I also facilitated a couple of Women Studies courses.

As a teacher of writing, I emphasize the stages of the composing process: brainstorming, free-writing, writing, and revision. I teach students how to incorporate literary techniques into their writing whether they are composing creative works, or academic essays. I teach students how to write expressively and rhetorically within the four modes of discourse: narration, exposition, argumentative, and research.


I believe my interdisciplinary teaching style would fit in well with the interdisciplinary nature of the position as Lecturer for the College of Arts & Sciences. My commitment to teaching, resume of experience, education, publications, public readings, mentoring, and research demonstrates that I have the perseverance, initiative, and intellectual drive necessary to be an effective and heuristic teacher. Thank you for your consideration.


Marion Thomas



With a fabulous talent for novel writing, a natural eye toward business matters and drive to succeed, founder Marion Thomas had over 10 years in the creative writing business before forming the Hattiesburg Writing Institute. She discovered over the years that the grueling work of starting and finishing writing projects is a process. She wanted to focus on teaching aspiring writers that the writing process is a process of writing, editing, and rewriting.

With a MFA, serious editing chops and an authentic nature that comes across in her writing, Marion has undertaken creating a writing space for anyone who has the desire to tell a story, and share it with others.


              “A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.     –Richard Bach”