Creative Writing

“Write as if you were dying.”—Annie Dillard

The Hattiesburg Writing Institute is a pioneer in developing tailored made storyboard templates for writers. The workshops are led by seasoned writers who share effective narrative writing techniques and provide constructive critique. The institute develops a writer’s skill level from therapeutic journal to creative writing.


“There are no rules on creativity.” —Laura Jaworski

Daeja Thomas

Graphic Designer


At the Hattiesburg Writing Institute we believe that art is life. We’re partnering with Graphic Designer Daeja Thomas to bring the visual and literary art worlds together.






Marion Thomas



With a fabulous talent for novel writing, a natural eye toward business matters and drive to succeed, founder Marion Thomas had over 10 years in the creative writing business before forming the Hattiesburg Writing Institute. She discovered over the years that the grueling work of starting and finishing writing projects is a process. She wanted to focus on teaching aspiring writers that the writing process is a process of writing, editing, and rewriting.

With a MFA, serious editing chops and an authentic nature that comes across in her writing, Marion has undertaken creating a writing space for anyone who has the desire to tell a story, and share it with others.

   “A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”Richard Bach 

Robin Berlin



The daughter of a teacher, and mother of two precocious teens, Robin Berlin is keenly aware of the intricacies of growth and development. Her focus when editing and critiquing works lies in building on the natural strengths of the writer while providing a clear path to growth, improvement, and confidence in writing. A talent Robin has refined with each Saturday morning cup of Mayan Mocha.

With a flair for the dramatic, nurtured by her time spent on the Laurel Little Theatre Board of Directors, Robin brings visions of the mind’s eye to life on the page. As much at home tinkering around with coding as she is with a paintbrush, Robin creates vivid words full of whimsy and wonder, be they pragmatic science fiction, heartfelt romance, to full of fantastic fireball slinging wizardry.

Combining her background as a graphic designer with works featured in several national publications, her experiences in the 90 year old historic Arabian theatre, and an insatiable curiosity for linguistics, Robin has created a method for for scene building that takes storytelling to the next level. Robin’s method of blending visual setting, character development, and efficient writing techniques help the writer breathe life into a floundering draft.

Several years ago, after a chance encounter, thanks to National Novel Writing Month, Robin found herself at home critiquing and discussing works with the Hub City Writers.

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“There’s a little magic in everyone.”